Working together with Equusharmonia  project,

dedicated to the health and well-being of horses and the people around them. Focused on the application and dissemination of practices that promote holism in relationship, keeping and working with horses.


Our mission is to promote this kind of relationship, keeping and working with horses in Portugal. Educate as many horses and people as possible, so that they may achieve their goals and a more balanced lifestyle.



Healing Animals

Working together with kids and adults that have Down Syndrome and other special needs and saving animals lives from the meat industry.


Mama Adama would like to provide shelter for animals saved from slaughter in the meat industry. Often cows don’t produce enough milk or certain pigs and chickens are not deemed profitable enough so their lives are rendered useless. Sadly and In most cases, the industries cheapest option would be to end this life in an inhumane way and leave carcasses as if they never existed.


We invite these animals to share in our lives, to be out in nature walking freely, living their lives as they should to eat their grass and walking on their own earth.

We would like to work with children and adults with Special needs. People with Down's Syndrome and other blessings to help us take care of rescued lives.

When an animal's movement is transferred to a patient , it produces a combination of sensory, motor and neurological input that can be used to treat a wide diagnoses variety . Animals create a dynamic, three-dimensional movement that cannot be reproduced in a traditional clinical setting.


We can all experience a mutual healing !